DAHSS22 Event

Through the latent space.
A conversation on Dall·e and art (history)

We see Digital Art History not as „art history with data“ only, but also as a platform to talk about contemporary visual culture. Transformer models, such as Dall-e, that create images from a text prompt are currently widely discussed as either the end of art or the beginning of new forms of creativity. This raises questions such as

  • What does an individual generated image refer to?
  • Are creators of the training images being treated unfairly by a company like OpenAI?
  • How much creativity is in such an image?
  • How does this technology change the digital creative process?
  • How does it change our perception of images?

Art history can make an important contribution to that discussion. For this reason, we have assembled experts in the field in context of this year’s summer school.

Please join us exploring those questions and have you own say.

Date: Wednesday, August 31, 5:00pm CEST (Málaga), Online


Moderated by Harald Klinke (LMU Munich)

This event is a part of the Digital Art History Summer School 2022 and presented by the International Journal for Digital Art History. It is open to the public in Polo Digital and via a video conference link.

Welcome to latent space!